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Olasol is a new brand that offers playful concrete products that trigger the senses and tickle your imagination.

We aim to create durable and colourful solutions for both public and private spaces by reinventing the number one urban ingredient, concrete.

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Terms & Conditions


Happy Concrete is a brand that aims to show the world the colourful side of concrete with surprising surface designs. Since most of our products are hand made we can adjust easily to the needs of our clients and offer smaller orders. With the process of hand making there are a lot of elements that can create slight colour variations within the tiles. This is inherent to the material and in our oppinion something that brings the surface to life and creates a more natural look. Therefor we advice our clients to contact us and tell them how they are going to.

Hand made concrete tile is as much an art as a science. The natural components of the cement, sand and color pigment change over time, leading to slight variations in shade and tone. These variations are inherent to hand made concrete tiles and therefore must be expected. To ensure the smallest possible range in color variation, it is best to order enough tile to complete your installation and, depending on the project, 10 - 15% extra. Also, to avoid miscalculations it is recommended that you have a professional tile contractor calculate the measurements and quantities for your tile project. Olasol tiles are used in a variety of applications such as kitchens, bathroom, floors, walls etc. Some products may not be suitable for all applications. If values for characteristics such as absorption or coefficient of friction are required, please contact us in writing before placing order. Our products have been officially tested and comply with all relevant and necessary standards. No claims for any tile order will be accepted after installation.


All our tiles are non-stock, orders must meet the minimum order requirement of 1 square meter.


After receiving your order, a copy of the estimate/invoice will be sent to you to verify the accuracy and details of your order. At that time, all applicable changes or revisions should be made. We will begin production once we have a confirmed order and the 50% of the final amount has been received.


We are committed to providing our customers with the most affordable product and maintaining a relatively stable pricing scheme. However, we reserve the right to change prices, terms and conditions of sale without advanced notice. (These do not include jobs already bid or quoted.)


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all orders to begin production. The balance will be paid once your order is ready for pick-up or shipping. Only bank transfer payment is accepted.


Purchaser agrees, by acceptance of this document, that if payment is not made according to terms of sale, to pay 2% interest per month or the amount permitted by law and to pay reasonable collection costs including reasonable attorney fees until payment in full is made.


Because we are a custom tile manufacturer and produce client-specific products without inventory, we are unable to accept cancellations after production has begun. Please be advised that all deposits are non-refundable.


We ship all over the world. Because of the nature of our custom orders, it is impossible to determine the exact cost for shipping your order. We strive to provide our customers with safest and most affordable means in all shipping areas. Please be advised that delivery is not included in the price of the tile and all shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.


All products leave our factory in good condition and properly packaged. All claims for damaged or broken merchandise must be made through carrier.


Immediately upon delivery please review the shipment for accuracy of materials ordered, including quantity, quality, and color, and for any shipping damage. Contact Olasol at info@olasol.com immediately if any problems exist. All claims must be presented in writing to Olasol.
Any damage that is apparent upon delivery must be noted on the freight carrier delivery receipt. All products leave our warehouse in perfect condition but if the damage is severe, we recommend you refuse the shipment entirely. All claims for damaged or broken merchandise must be made through carrier.
Material should be installed by pulling from all crates or boxes to insure optimal blending of shade variation. No adjustment can be made once material has been installed.


All claims regarding your order pertaining to color, design, quality, or quantity must be resolved prior to installation. All claims for product returns must be made in writing within 5 days of receipt. Returns must be made in original packaging. Freight is responsibility of customer. No claims will be accepted for any reason after installation.


Bespoke orders: No returns will be accepted. These orders are non-cancelable.

Collection orders (after shipment to customer): No returns are accepted after 30 days. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee, plus freight to Olasol factory location.


Olasol maintains the lawful ownership of all products until they are paid in full.


We request that all quantities be checked by an installer or contractor, as we will not be held responsible for discrepancies in quantities. Although we may have assisted in preparation of quantities for material on this order/invoice, all quantities must be checked by a contractor or installer. Any additions or changes to the order could delay the delivery date and may result in color variation.


Olasol does not accept responsibility or liability for installation, sealing or refinishing of any product. Please review the installation instructions and maintenance guidelines before installation. We recommend using a professional installer for best results. Olasol is not responsible for problems arising from improper installation, use or care of the tiles.


Olasol does not store customer’s orders. When production is complete the customers are required to pay in full and provide shipping arrangements. A storage fee of 20 EUR per day will be added for up to 3 months. After the initial 3 month period the items will be disposed of in a way we deem necessary.

By ordering tile from Olasol, client agrees to all terms and conditions of sales.


All Olasol product Carry One Year Limited Warranty unless otherwise noted.

Except as noted hereinOlasol tiles are warranted to the original consumer purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of installation.

Olasol will, at its election, repair or replace the product or make appropriate adjustment where Olasol inspection discloses any such defects occurring in normal usage within one year after installation. Other than the costs noted above, Olasol is not liable for any direct or indirect costs associated with the repair or replacement of the product including removal, installation or reinstallation of the product.

Tiles should be inspected prior to installation and any defects must be reported at that time. Installation constitutes acceptance of the product. Damage to product caused by inappropriate installation, accident, misuse, abuse, or improper maintenance is not covered by this warranty. With respect to tile, variations in color, shade, flow, grain, tonality, crazing, veining, and texture are inherent characteristics thereof and are not defects. Variations in facial dimensions and thickness will be allowed as per industry standards.

No warranties are made against crazing, scratching or wear due to: improper installation-including improper alteration of the surface with sealers or grout, falling objects, abuse, misuse, exposure to extreme temperatures, using improper chemicals or compounds, non-foot traffic wear or other similar incidents.

No warranties available when installation was not made accordingly to our installation instruction and maintence guidelines.

To obtain warranty service, contact Olasol at info@olasol.com